For companies that have their own manufacturing sites, we offer a range of services aimed at:

  • Providing safety of property, life and health of working staff and clients
  • Preventing theft of goods and materials
  • Ensuring control of goods acceptance, their utilization after they were written off or defected
  • Ensuring control of releasing goods to their clients (in case if there is a separate procedure of goods releasing)
  • Providing access control procedure (for people, vehicles)

The complex of the services is based on the following tasks:

For the clients several key factors could be outlined within organization of our services:
  • Providing permanent security staff or providing staff rotation (if requested by the client)
  • Providing staff with all the needed technical equipment (portable video recorders, hand-held metal detectors, etc.)
  • Appointment of the Chief Security Officer for a group of facilities (stores) for quality control of the services provided and for providing operational interaction with the client
  • Acting promptly in case of detecting a fire: fire alert, organizing evacuation of the staff and customers, effective firefighting
  • Stipulating confidentiality of the information (if the contractual relationship specify this)
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