Monitoring and Response

A comprehensive monitoring and response service allows to perform remote monitoring of protected facilities, timely response to alarms by security groups, a client notification of events, calling police officers in cases of detecting signs of violation of law at the facility.

Estimated minimum cost of the comprehensive monitoring and response services: from 4000 rubles/month for one facility

(depends on the client’s tasks, geography of the services provided)

The company also performs maintenance and repair services for security systems (security alarm system, access control system, CCTV monitoring). The estimated cost of service and repairs is indicated in the “Services - Engineering Services” section.

Full range of security services:

  • physical security of stores

  • physical security of warehouses

  • physical security of office centers

  • physical security of industrial enterprises

  • security alarm

  • CCTV monitoring

  • video analytics

  • access control

  • security monitoring service

  • technical audit

  • contractor analytics

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