Cargo escorting

Cargo escorting is a set of measures aimed at the timely delivery in full of the administration of goods and materials (other objects):

  • development of the route (with the client) or acceptance of the route specified by client
  • inspection and sealing of the vehicle before shipment (in the presence of the customer or their representatives)
  • installation of technical means of monitoring the integrity of the sealed perimeter of the vehicle
  • execution of accompanying documents in 3 copies (client, security officer and recipient)
  • transfer of cargo to the recipient upon arrival at destination
On client's request, it is possible to organize on-line monitoring of cargo transportation and receiving alarm messages.

Estimated cost of cargo escorting services with unarmed security: 6000 rubles/person for the first day, 5000 rubles/person for the second day and beyond. You can clarify the information about the cost of incomplete days with managers.

The provision of services by armed security is also possible.

Provision of services to customers on a one-time basis is temporarily not available.

Full range of security services:

  • physical security of stores

  • physical security of warehouses

  • physical security of office centers

  • physical security of industrial enterprises

  • security alarm

  • CCTV monitoring

  • video analytics

  • access control

  • security monitoring service

  • technical audit

  • contractor analytics

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