Personal security

Personal security for the client can be organized on a long-term basis or for a short period, however, in both cases, the client can solve several tasks:
  • escorting on the routes (home-office-restaurant-other)
  • client protection in places of their permanent and situational stay (airport, home, office, sports club, stadium, other)
Security is provided at the choice of the client for:
12 hour
24 hour

One-time services (escorting to/from the airport, other) are not provided.

Full range of security services:

  • physical security of stores

  • physical security of warehouses

  • physical security of office centers

  • physical security of industrial enterprises

  • security alarm

  • CCTV monitoring

  • video analytics

  • access control

  • security monitoring service

  • technical audit

  • contractor analytics

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