Service and Repair

Service maintenance of security technical equipment is carried out on a regular basis according to the regulations discussed with the client. The scope of work and their periodicity depend on the operating conditions, compound and volume of equipment which is included in the security system (video surveillance, security alarm) pack.

Repair works are carried out on request of the client at the agreed time. The cost of work, equipment and materials can be either fixed for a period, or discussed and agreed for each individual case.

The estimated cost of services cannot be specified on the site

since it depends on the types of systems under service, their location, timing, time of access to the facility and other factors.

Full range of security services:

  • physical security of stores

  • physical security of warehouses

  • physical security of office centers

  • physical security of industrial enterprises

  • security alarm

  • CCTV monitoring

  • video analytics

  • access control

  • security monitoring service

  • technical audit

  • contractor analytics

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