On the modern market of security alarm systems there is a wide range of different types of equipment presented (they differ in manufacturers and technologies used). Our position regarding the choice of security alarm systems is domestic manufacturers. The reason is the high level of accessibility, stock availability, accessibility of periodic software update and the work experience of the engineering staff with the present equipment within the Russian Federation.

Regarding the technological features the following types of equipment can be highlighted:

  • Local security alarm system
  • Security alarm system with the data output to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS)
  • Use of wireless local burglar alarm data transmission technology
  • Video monitoring with data transmission to the Central Monitoring Station when the protected object is being disarmed under duress
One of the key factors of realization the technological solution for a client is the right setup of the whole system which is individual for each client.

All the data is clarified during the setting tasks with the client for forming an offer on technical solution of security tasks.

The solutions we offer are as following:

  • Our specialists inspect the facility and together with the client clarify the tasks, because, as experience shows, the client may not be fully aware of the tasks based on their operating activities or may not know the functionality and capabilities of modern systems, thus live communication can help to overcome these gaps.
  • We prepare an offer for the client specifying the functionality, volumes of equipment and materials, the cost of work performed.

The estimated cost cannot be specified on the site, we are ready to examine the facility and offer a technical solution to the problems with the estimated cost of its implementation.

Full range of security services:

  • physical security of stores

  • physical security of warehouses

  • physical security of office centers

  • physical security of industrial enterprises

  • security alarm

  • CCTV monitoring

  • video analytics

  • access control

  • security monitoring service

  • technical audit

  • contractor analytics

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